Internet Marketing And Your Business

Without a planned internet marketing campaign for your business you are risking your website never being found online!

We offer a range of internet marketing options to suit any budget and will discuss what is best to achieve your goals and targets.

Not all digital marketing is suitable for every business, many rely on word of mouth, referrals and walk by traffic but if you want more customers to find and use your business you need to be found online.

Internet Marketing is complex and involves many different factors to work effectively.  All our internet marketing services are available independently but can also be combined together.

Some forms of marketing are not suitable for all of our clients but some are essential to every business.

Each clients business has independent requirements and aims and we take this into consideration when building a marketing plan for you.

Internet Marketing Packages

To make life as simple as possible for some of our clients we offer marketing packages that cover all the essentials.

Our Gold, Silver and Bronze Marketing Packages that includes a mixture of marketing techniques suitable for your business.

If you have any questions about what is suitable for your business just give us a call on 0191 5111009.

By talking with us you will learn what is right for your business even if you do not use our services.

Adword Campaigns

Paid Advertising in the Search and Display Networks is the quickest way to gain exposure for your business.

We can target exactly what your business needs whether it is raising brand awareness, getting more involvement in your website or purchases and sign ups to your products.

We will discuss every thing with you so we an pinpoint your marketing and get visitors to business.

To discover more about Adwords just click. 

Search Engine Optimisation

All of our websites all have basic onpage SEO built into them as standard. However, to move your website up the search engines it needs more.

We analyse your website to make sure that it is optimised to its full potential. Then get other relevant websites talking about your business and linking back to it.

A correct linking strategy will also push your website further up the rankings.

To discover more about our SEO Services click here.

Social Media Marketing

Love it or hate it Social Media is here to stay. Everyone has heard of Facebook and Twitter but do you know how to use it to drive more customers to your business?

We harness the immense power of Social Media Marketing. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumbler, YouTube and Vimeo and Snapchat we drive potential customers and clients to your website and business.

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Google My Business

Google is the largest search engine on the internet and many people are not taking advantage of being part of its business directory. This is essential for all businesses, even those that do not have a presence online at the moment.

Reviews, directories and business listing websites are talking about your business.  They are listing your details all over the internet whether you want them to or not. You need to control this information and ensure that it is correct and showing your business properly.

We take care of this and make sure that whenever a potential customer is looking for your business or service they get to where they want to be.

To learn more about Google My Business click here.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an incredible way to let the world know about your business or services. But it has to be done correctly, it has to be targeted and optimised to ensure that it gets in front of the right audience.

A great piece of content can generate traffic to your business for years and years to come.

Even creating content for your blog or facebook page can be a chore so why not task someone else to do it.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most effective way to stay in contact with customers and anyone who has visited your website.

You can promote your business or raise awareness on a daily, weekly or monthly business.

You have the power to tell your customers of upcoming sales and promotions. Or just inform them of what you have available at anytime whilst always keeping your business or service at the the forefront of their mind.

To find out is Email Marketing is right for your business click here.

Online Reputation Management

One negative review has the power to seriously damage your business. Today people have access to hundreds of reviews to help them make informed decisions before making a purchase.

If someone has left a negative review about your business and your potential customer reads it the chances are that they will go elsewhere, even if the information is not true or fair.

We monitor the internet for any comments or reviews of your business and will deal with any negativity immediately and ensure that your business has the best reputation that it can have.

To discover more about Online Reputation Management click here.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet and if you have not tapped into this amazing traffic source you are missing out.

We create videos for your business and get them where they need to be and shout about your business.

We can even take a video about your service or business and get it onto page 1 of Google and generate hungry leads to your business.

To start using YouTube to drive hungry customers to your business click here.

Internet Marketing Packages

For most business an overall internet marketing strategy is best to hit the largest audience of hungry buyers and waiting customers.

Choose what suits your business or talk to us direct for advice on 0191 5111009. We never oversell our services and we do what is right by our clients.

Gold Package

Our Gold Internet Marketing Package gives you everything your business needs to dominate online and will generate a large amount of leads from various sources.

This package uses all of the marketing methods listed above and will generate leads and custom far into the future.

Silver Package

The Silver packages contains everything that a business needs to maintain an excellent online presence.

You receive the same as the Gold package but the work is spread over a longer period of time.

Bronze Package

Our Bronze package covers all the essentials that any online business should have and helps you to market your business with us to gain more exposure.

We ensure that your website is competitive in your niche, especially for local area and has everything needed for online success.